Foreign Relations by Pietja
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001 - Stereotypes
Crowded bus, spicy kebab, one fox and one skunk...
A good recipie for a start?

002 - Coincidences
The world is a small place...

003 - Miss Fragrant Fuzzy
A lesson of tolerance.

004 - Slight Nervous Breakdown
It was just the wind...

005 - Extreme Attention
Taming the ti... er, the fox.

006 - Starting Anew
An offer he can't refuse...

007 - Strangers In The Night
The guilt and grope!

008 -Rude Awakening
Our dreams always end before the best part.

009 - Welcome Home, Dad
What-a-way to end-the-day!

010 - Bad Timing
Speedos worship.


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12/11/2012 10:46
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03/06/2012 12:15
Just found this comic. Good start! keep it up!

01/06/2012 15:56
Hey!!! Comic is looking great!!! Keep it up <3

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